Well, it seems that my previous web host has run into some problems keeping his bills paid (and his customers happy). There are a TON of people who lost a lot of money through his scams, but thankfully I paid my money a long while ago, and didn't really feel the need for constant upgrades (or giving him more money for little work).

With that said, the bad news is that the photo galleries that I had on my sites before have disappeared along with my web host. :( The good news is that, aside from my silly little index pages (like this), I still have all of the pictures that I had put up online; I will just need to create a new gallery and put up new pictures -- and maybe some old ones for comparison.

Expect that things won't be looking right for a while. In the meantime, you can head over to my TomLeon site to see if there is anything going on over there while I put things back in order. Or you can look at the beginnings of a new Gallery of Pictures that I have started.

I hope you come back to see us here at The Leon Family every once in a while; you are always welcome to visit us for a spell.


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